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Quit Smoking Easily With Hypnosis


What’s the number one reason you want to quit smoking? Have you been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? Are you afraid that you might? Is it the high cost of cigarettes? Is it the effect on children and loved ones? Is it the smell? Is it what smoking does to your skin and appearance?

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to quit smoking. Sometimes you just realize that now is the time to do it Whatever your reasons for having made the decision to quit, you have come to the right place.

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Effortless Weight Loss in Sarasota

Hypnosis Dramatically Benefits Weight Loss.

Hypnosis Removes Old Mental Programming

We use hypnotherapy for weight loss because it works! In numerous medical studies, hypnosis has been proven to help people not only lose weight but also to keep it off. Through hypnosis we can help you to remove all the old programming that is causing you to eat out of habit, to stop emotional eating, and to reprogram learned behaviors from your upbringing.

Overeating or choosing poor foods is often caused by a need to be distracted from uncomfortable feelings. Boredom, anger, depression, stress, loneliness, fear, are just some of the feelings that can trigger poor eating habits.

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Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Greatly Benefits IBS

Do you or a loved one suffer from IBS, Crohn’s Disease, or Ulcerative Colitis? Are you tired of the pain and discomfort?

Do you find the symptoms embarrassing or disruptive? How could your life change if you were to learn about a safe, natural, and effective treatment that profoundly benefits the majority of people who pursue it? Would you be curious to know that this treatment option benefits nearly 80% of the people who discover it? How would you feel if you knew that more than five years after the initial treatment the vast majority of patients described their quality of life as “good to excellent.” Would you be even more intrigued if you learned that this treatment protocol has been studied for more than 20 years and proven in dozens of medical studies? Would you be surprised to read that most doctors have probably never heard of it? If you answered “ yes” to any of these questions, please read on.

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Hypnosis Helps Cancer

Hypnosis Brings Hope to Cancer Patients

It was while Wendy was sitting in the waiting room that she noticed it. She was waiting to be prepped for her next session of chemotherapy when it dawned on her: she felt calm. She gradually realized that she felt cool and in control. Over the last few days she had also noticed that she felt less nauseous and that she was sleeping better at night. It was as she sat in the waiting room that she felt grateful for what she had learned.

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Hypnosis vs Psychotherapy: Which Is More Effective?

Many people searching for a therapist in Sarasota are increasing using hypnosis to reach their goals. From common issues like weight loss and quitting smoking, to overcoming phobias and limiting beliefs, there is a wealth of clinical research that proves the power of hypnotherapy to help you achieve the change you want.

Perhaps the best known study on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy was conducted by Dr. Alfred Barrios. First published in The Psychotherapy Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, this peer-reviewed paper revealed some impressive findings.
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What Your Doctor Knows

What Your Doctor Knows About Hypnosis

Imagine if there was a way to banish fear and strengthen your immune system. Imagine if there was away to conquer pain and improve comfort. Imagine if there was away to take back control of your body, your health, and your future. Doctors know that such a way exists: Hypnosis.

If this were a drug, everyone would be using it,” says Stanford University’s Dr. David Spiegel MD. “ Changing your mental set can change what’s going on in your body.” This message of hope is the conclusion of the international medical community. After more than a century of research and countless scientific studies, doctors know that hypnosis works and can be effectively utilized to treat a wide array of medical conditions. “ Hypnosis has been used in Western Medicine for more than 150 years to treat everything from anxiety to pain, from easing the nausea of cancer chemotherapy to enhancing performance,” says Harvard University’s Dr. Carol Ginandes Ph.D.

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Who Can Benefit

Who Can Benefit From Hypnotherapy?

Do you know someone who has gone from doctor to doctor looking for help? Do you know someone who suffers from chronic pain? Do you know someone who needs help but doesn’t know where to turn? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have found the right place. You will find many of the answers you are looking for here.

The list of medical organizations which advocate the use of hypnosis includes such prestigious and well-respected institutions as the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Cancer Society, The National Institute of Health, Harvard Medical School, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Beth Israel Hospital, and the Mayo Clinic.

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What’s the # 1 Reason Parents Choose Hypnosis For Their Kids?

Improved Learning!

When it comes to school there are many problems kids can face. At Sarasota Clinical Hypnosis Doctor Sewell helps kids with: Getting Homework Done, Classroom Performance, Liking School, Friendliness, Low Self-Esteem, Reading, Writing, Improved Memory,

Better Grades, Handling Peer Pressure, Social Anxiety, and more.

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Study Shows Proactive Mental Health Screenings Benefits Vets

A recent study shows that proactively screening U.S. soldiers for mental health issues prior to deployment cuts the risk of post-deployment mental health problems in half.  The breakthrough study, published by the American Journal of Psychiatry, demonstrated that simple pre screening among the enlisted personnel reduced psychological and emotional problems by 78%!  To read the whole story, just follow this link:

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Kids Sleep Better With Hypnosis

The Department of Pediatrics,University Hospital, at Upstate Medical University in New York recently conclude a study of hypnosis  and insomnia in school age children.  The report found a 90% improvement in children participating in the study.  These amazing results were achieved after a mere two sessions of hypnosis.  Somatic complaints including chest pain, dyspnea, functional abdominal pain, habit cough, headaches, and vocal cord dysfunction reported a 87% improvement when the children were taught self-hypnosis.  To read the full synopsis click here:

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Hypnosis Helps Headaches In Kids

A new study concluded by State University of New York Upstate Medical University demonstrated the remarkable results capable of hypnotherapy to treat headaches.  Thirty children suffering from recurring headaches were taught self-hypnosis.  An amazing 96% showed a significant decrease in headache frequency and/or intensity following hypnosis.  To read the full synopsis just click this link

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Hypnosis Brings Hope To Kids With Tourette Syndrome

Medical researchers at Case Western Reserve University have published a new break through study on the use of hypnosis to treat children suffering from Tourette Syndrome.  By adding video tape training to their existing hypnosis protocols they were able to achieve cure rates of over 90%.  According to their study, through the use of hypnotherapy they were able to bring about significant tic control in 46% of cases in two sessions and an incredible 96% in a mere three sessions.  To read the full abstract click here:

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Harvard Study Shows Hypnosis Reduces Adverse Events

A study published by Harvard Medical School indicates that hypnotherapy significantly reduced adverse events in the treatment of cancer patients.  The study, which compared hypnosis to empathy therapy, in the treatment of percutaneous tumors, conclude that hypnotherapy produced far superior results than mere empathetic techniques.  The study also noted that those patients who received hypnotherapy required less drugs and experienced less anxiety.  The Harvard study concluded by noting: ” Procedural hypnosis including empathic attention reduces pain, anxiety, and medication use. Conversely, empathic approaches without hypnosis that provide an external focus of attention and do not enhance patients’ self-coping can result in more adverse events. These findings should have major implications in the education of procedural personnel.”  To check out the full synopsis click here:

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Harvard Medical School Advocates Hypnosis

A recent study concluded at Harvard Medical School concluded that hypnotherapy greatly benefits cancer patients and should be considered as part of standard care.  The study found that hypnosis reduces pain, anxiety, and other negative symptoms commonly associated with cancer treatment.  It also found that hypnotherapy reduced procedure time and stabilized patient vital signs.  Harvard researchers concluded by writing: “The benefits of adjunctive hypnotic treatments come at no additional cost. Patients, health care providers, hospitals, and insurance companies are advised to take advantage of hypnotic techniques.”  To learn more just follow this link:

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Hypnosis Improves Postradiation Drymouth

In a remarkable study concluded in Israel, a single session of hypnosis produced significant improvements in dry mouth for postradiation cancer patients.  Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is a common distressing side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  In this study patients were given one session of hypnosis to alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth.  The session was recorded and patients were instructed to listen to the CD twice a day.  The researchers were stunned with their results.  They found a 66% overall improvement in the patients xerostomia and a 75% increase in saliva flow!  As the study states: ” Symptomatic improvement significantly correlated with the number of times the patient listened to the CD.”  Now you know why I always instruct my patients to “Listen to the CD!”  To check out the full synopsis just click this link:

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Hypnosis Helps Hot Flashes

In a recent study of 51 female cancer patients at Baylor University showed that hypnotherapy produced a significant decrease in hot flashes.  Using hypnotherapy as part of breast cancer  is an option that all women undergoing chemotherapy need to consider.  This study found that hypnosis produced a 68% decrease discomfort from hot flashes!  Other significant benefits were also shown.  Anxiety, depression and sleep all improved markedly.  To read the full synopsis, just follow this link:

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