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Smoking Cessation Tallahassee

Dr. Sewell AP. C. a nationally recognized expert in Hypnotic Smoking Cessation and Medical Hypnosis.  Dr. Sewell was an early pioneer in the use of telemedicine, and works with clients from around the country, and around the world, via Skype. He has always been fascinated by the power hypnosis has to help people achieve rapid change and personal transformation.


Dr. Sewell spent nearly a decade living and teaching in China.  It was there that he began his lifelong investigation of alternative modes of healing and longevity.  Dr. Sewell graduated Suma Cum Laude from East West College of Medicine, one of the nation’s foremost programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Following his medical studies, Dr. Sewell traveled to Gainesville where he completed a six month post-graduate program in Clinical Hypnosis at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, earning diplomas as Certified Hypnotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Specialist in Medical Hypnosis.


A few years after establishing his private practice Dr. Sewell was invited became a Lead Instructor at the FIH.  As a teacher with nearly twenty years of classroom experience, he has instructed numerous students in the art and science of Clinical Hypnosis.


Following his tenur at FIH, Dr. Sewell returned to Sarasota and volunteered to work with the elderly and disadvantaged at the Sarasota Senior Friendship Center’s Ruben Center for Healthy Aging. He was the first Staff Specialist in Medical Hypnosis in their more than 30 year history.


A lifelong learner, Dr. Sewell studies continuously to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of Hypnotherapy. He continues to attend seminars, take additional advanced training, study new hypnosis research and books, and constantly broadens his understanding about the incredible things that are possible for his clients via hypnosis.


Dr. Sewell has been certified and recognized by the following professional organizations and institutions:


*The American Council Of Hypnotist Examiners

*The National Guild Of Hypnotists




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