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What’s the # 1 Reason Parents Choose Hypnosis For Their Kids?

Improved Learning!

When it comes to school there are many problems kids can face. At Sarasota Clinical Hypnosis Doctor Sewell helps kids with: Getting Homework Done, Classroom Performance, Liking School, Friendliness, Low Self-Esteem, Reading, Writing, Improved Memory,

Better Grades, Handling Peer Pressure, Social Anxiety, and more.

Why Does Hypnosis Work So Well With Children?

Hypnosis works so well with children because they have less subconscious imprinting and fewer years of reinforcement in their minds. The subconscious mind of a child is highly receptive because, as children, they are literally creating their inner library of beliefs, impressions and life experiences. This explains why children have a natural drive and thirst for new experiences and ideas. They are quite literally learning machines. For this reason, they love to discover new things and are very open to learning and responding to new ideas. Because the subconscious is the storehouse of our memories, these childhood experiences are crucial to their development. They will affect them for the rest of their lives.

It is well known among hypnotherapists that children are the very best subjects! Children aged 6 or older respond best to hypnosis. Most children need only 2-3 sessions with improvement often beginning from the very first session.

Parental Support: The Crucial Element

The support and understanding of parents is crucial to all success. Like other forms of healing and therapy, it is important for parents to be present and informed. During sessions the parent is either relaxing in the background nearby or waiting in the waiting room. In all cases, the more supportive, informed, and encouraging the parent, the better the result for the child.

The First Session

During the first session, just as with adults, the child identifies the problem and the outcome they want to see. During this time trust, understanding, and rapport are established between myself and the child. At this time I will also determine that they are willing to work on their goals and that they want to change.

Hypnosis Utilizes The Power Of Your Child’s Imagination

Most children can reach powerful levels of hypnosis very quickly. To help your child I may use any of the following tools: stories, visualizations, imaginative games, role playing, magic, puppets, and other creative means. By utilizing these tools while the child is in the trance state I can help your child reach their goals quickly and easily.

What Can Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis is commonly used for (but not limited to) the following areas for children:

Academic Performance
Asthma Systems
Anxiety Disorders
Bedwetting and Toilet-training
Cystic Fibrosis Symptoms
Cancer Issues
Chronic Pain and all Pain Management
Hair Pulling
Headaches and Migraines
IBS and other Bowel Disorders
Medical Procedure Discomfort
Nail Biting
Sleep Disorders and Nightmares
Test Taking Anxiety
Teeth Grinding
Tourette’s Syndrome
Terminal Illness

A Little Homework Goes A Long Way

I will sometimes give my younger clients homework. This could mean keeping a diary, a dream journal, listening to a recording at bedtime, drawing a picture, or some other simple exercises. Hypnosis is all about empowering your child. Part of this process is showing the child that they can take control of their problems and challenges in new and creative ways. It is important to build confidence and the belief that they did most of the problem solving work themselves.

Hypnosis Is Safe, Natural, and Effective

Hypnosis poses neither risk nor adverse side effects. Unlike pharmaceuticals, it uses the body and mind’s inner resources to bring healing and growth. Hypnosis is about discovering things you didn’t know and learning to control things you thought you couldn’t. By accessing the power of your child’s imagination and subconscious mind, hypnosis teaches your child how to get their own mind working for them. It opens doors, it finds the answers to problems, and it empowers your child in so many ways. Whether it is an academic goal or a health challenge, through hypnotherapy I will help your child discover potentials they might never knew existed.

Booking The First Session

By now you understand all the amazing benefits that hypnotherapy can bring your child. Most children, but not all, will begin to see positive change from the very first session. Happily, most issues are resolved in 2-3 sessions, though more serious disorders my require 6-8 sessions. Teens may also require more. Luckily, children respond very quickly to hypnosis and most are finished in just a few sessions.

To start helping your child today, simply call our office at

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