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Sarasota's Best Hypnotist Dr. SewellQuit Smoking With Hypnosis- Meet Our Pensacola Expert

What’s the main reason that you’ve decided to quit smoking?

Have you been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? Are you concerned that you could? Is it the expense of cigarettes? Is it the negative impact on your loved ones and family members? Is it the smell? Is it what cigarettes do to your skin and appearance?

Everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing to stop smoking.

Sometimes you simply realize that now is the time to get it done. Whatever your reasons for deciding to quit smoking, you have come to the right place.

Doctor Sewell AP. C. Ht. has achieved an incredible 80% success rate with his smoking cessation clients. As a former smoker himself, he understands smoking from the inside out. As an individual who has successfully kicked the habit of, he recognizes exactly what it takes to help you stop smoking quickly and successfully. Doctors from Pensacola regularly refer their patients to Dr. Sewell due to both his medical training and his outstanding success rate.

“To genuinely quit smoking quickly and easily, individuals need to understand  the biology of smoking cessation. When a client is referred to me, the first thing I do is to determine their need. While the process of quitting is universal, every individual is unique.  Open communication is essential to your success. With hypnosis we can marshal all of your inner resources to empower you to stop smoking swiftly and permanently. It’s all about building momentum so you can break through! Hypnosis makes it happen!”


HypnosisPensacola’s Best Stop Smoking Resource

Because the inner momentum that hypnosis creates is so vital for your well-being and success, Doctor Sewell is quite firm in the details of his Smoking Cessation Protocol. This includes not only the number of sessions but also the timing and sequence of the sessions.

“Medical professionals in Pensacola refer their smoking cessation patients to me because they know my work. They trust me to help their patients. I take this trust seriously. That’s why we do everything that’s necessary to enable you to completely eliminate cigarettes from your life.  Commitment is the main thing! When you really want to quit smoking, you’ll do whatever it takes to reclaim your health and your future.”

To learn more about Doctor Sewell’s Smoking Cessation Program and how you can stop smoking quickly and easily, simply call our office at 941-321-9267.

Dr. Sewell works with clients state-wide exclusively via Skype. He was recently featured in a CNN article on telemedicine and E-counseling.

Please note, Dr. Sewell offers a FREE phone consultation for new clients.

This is your opportunity to ask Dr. Sewell any questions you have about how hypnosis works, and what you can look forward to during your first session.

NOTE: Because Dr. Sewell is one of the few physicians who takes the time to utilize hypnosis, securing an appointment can be challenging. Please call at your earliest convenience to secure your spot.

He can be reached at 941-321-9267

Smoking Cessation Pensacola


Watch these testimonials to learn how Dr. Sewell has been able to help folks from all over Florida quit smoking successfully.


Beth Is Now Smoke-Free Thanks To Hypnosis!

Beth is a Pensacola mom who wanted to quit smoking for her kids.  Watch this quick video to learn how Dr. Sewell was able to help her to eliminate that old nasty smoking habit for good!



Jonathan Kicked The Habit With Hypnosis!

Watch this brief but powerful video as Jonathan, a Pensacola resident, discusses his successful transition to a smoke-free life.



Pensacola Mom Quits Smoking For Her Baby!

Tina, from Pensacola, really wanted to quit smoking when she leaned she was pregnant. Watch this brief testimonial to learn how Dr. Sewell was able to help her quit smoking quickly and easily!



Cheryl Is Free From Cigarettes Thanks To Dr. Sewell!

After many attempts Cheryl finally beat the habit!  Watch this quick video to hear Cheryl tell her story about working with Dr. Sewell.



“Way To Go Bob!” Hypnosis Did The Trick!

Bob was ready to quit smoking.  He went on line, found Dr. Sewell’s website and decided to give him a call.  A few quick hypnosis sessions later Bob is now completely tobacco-free.  Watch this quick video to hear his story.



“Congratulations Susanne!” She Quit Smoking With Hypnosis!

Susanne wanted to be a better role model for her kids. She found Dr. Sewell online and decided to give us a call. A few short sessions later she is completely smoke-free! Watch this great video to hear her story!



George Stopped Smoking At Last!

George knew it was time to change.  A lifelong Pensacola resident, he knew he needed help. A simple phone call to Dr. Sewell changed George’s life. Watch this great video to learn how hypnosis can help you or your loved one to quit smoking quickly and easily!



Sandy Did It!  She Quit Smoking With Hypnosis!

Another life changed for the better! Watch this great video as Sandy gives a very truthful account of her work with Dr. Sewell. If you’ve ever wanted to quit smoking, please give us a call. Like Sandy, we can help you to break free of that terrible habit and start a new, healthier chapter in your life. Call 941-321-9267 today and discover just how easy it can be!



Willy Did It!  He Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

Smoking was getting too expensive, and was taking its toll on Willy’s healthy. He found Dr. Sewell’s site on line and booked his sessions. Now he is completely smoke free! Watch this great video to hear how hypnosis was able to help him quit smoking quickly and easily!

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