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How much could you achieve if you were able to clear away everything that’s holding you back?


How much more money could you make?

How much more success could you experience?

How much more happiness and abundance could you enjoy?


Individual hypnosis sessions are the best, most scientifically proven way way to create powerful positive change!


Perhaps the best known study on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy  was conducted by Dr. Alfred Barrios. First published in The Psychotherapy Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, this scientific peer-reviewed paper revealed some impressive findings.

After reviewing over 2000 journal articles, Dr. Barrios discovered these starting facts when comparing traditional talk-based psychotherapy vs. hypnosis:



Type of Therapy          Recovery Rates         Number of Sessions

Hypnotherapy                         93%                             6

Behavioral Therapy                  72%                             22

Psychoanalysis                       38%                             600



The implications of Dr. Barrios’ landmark study are dramatic. It demonstrates that hypnosis can help you to find the inner change that you truly desire.



Anything your mind effects, can be dramatically improved with hypnosis.  Here is but a small list of the issues that can be transformed by using hypnosis:


• Reduce Stress and Worry

• Overcome Inner blocks

• Increase Self Esteem

• Improve Self Confidence

• Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

• Improve Concentration and Focus

• Better Study and Exam Performance

• Increase Motivation and Productivity


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