Hypnosis vs Psychotherapy: Which Is More Effective?

Hypnosis vs Psychotherapy: Which Is More Effective?

  • Posted on: July 12, 2013
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Many people searching for a therapist in Sarasota are increasing using hypnosis to reach their goals. From common issues like weight loss and quitting smoking, to overcoming phobias and limiting beliefs, there is a wealth of clinical research that proves the power of hypnotherapy to help you achieve the change you want.

Perhaps the best known study on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy was conducted by Dr. Alfred Barrios. First published in The Psychotherapy Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, this peer-reviewed paper revealed some impressive findings.

After reviewing over 2000 journal articles, Dr. Barrios discovered these starting facts when comparing traditional talk-based psychotherapy vs. hypnosis:

Type of Therapy          Recovery Rates         Number of Sessions

Hypnotherapy                         93%                             6

Behavioral Therapy                  72%                             22

Psychoanalysis                       38%                             600

It is important to recognize that these numbers represent statistical averages and that each individual seeking help is unique. Never-the-less, the implications of Dr. Barrios’ study are dramatic.

If you live in the Sarasota area and are looking for a therapist help you reach your goals, here is but a small list of the conditions that can treated using hypnosis:

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Panic Disorders

• Phobias

• Healing Greif and Loss

• Anger Management

• Relationship Problems

• Behavior Modification

• Trauma Issues and PTSD

• Weight Loss

• Stress Management

• Pain Management

• Migraine headaches

• Cancer Issues

• Insomnia

• Motivation Problems

• Stuttering

• Enhancing Sports Performance

• Test Anxiety

• Emotional Difficulties

• Past Life Regression

• Sexual Dysfunctions

• Bed Wetting

• Stopping Addictions

• Claustrophobia

• Improving Concentration

• Gambling and Addiction Issues

• Study and Exam Performance

• Increasing Self Esteem

• Improving Self Confidence

• Fear of Public Speaking

• Dentistry Issues

• Accelerated Healing

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