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We all go through difficult periods in our life, times when we’re sad, stressed out or overwhelmed.  Here you will find the help that you’re looking for.


There is a wealth of clinical research that proves the power of hypnotherapy to help you achieve the inner change that you need.


Perhaps the best known study on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy was conducted by Dr. Alfred Barrios. First published in The Psychotherapy Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, this peer-reviewed paper revealed some impressive findings.

After reviewing over 2000 journal articles, Dr. Barrios discovered these starting facts when comparing traditional talk-based psychotherapy vs. hypnosis:


Type of Therapy          Recovery Rates         Number of Sessions

Hypnotherapy                         93%                             6

Behavioral Therapy                  72%                             22

Psychoanalysis                       38%                             600



The implications of Dr. Barrios’ landmark study are dramatic. It demonstrates that hypnosis can help you to find the inner change that you truly desire.


How Hypnosis Can Work For You


If you live in Sarasota, and you need help you reaching your goals, here is but a small list of the conditions that can be dramatically improved using hypnosis:


• Overcome phobias

• Healing Grief and Loss

• Release anger

• Improve relationships

• Change and modification behaviors

• Overcome Stress Management



Work With Dr. Sewell


Every individual is unique.   Each person has their own unique history and needs. By working together we can discover not only the surface facts of your personal challenges, but he deep, hidden subconscious roots of those inner blocks that are holding you back as well.


When we work together, we’ll be able to create a customized solution that thoroughly addresses all your unique needs, and taps into all of your unique strengths as a person.


The number of sessions necessary to achieve lasting change will vary from person to person. Just make the commitment to be patient with yourself and the process. Our job is to focus on achieving understanding, clearing inner blocks, and dissolving the emotional charge that surrounds around your issue so you can experience the inner change that you need.


Fortunately, hypnosis works quickly. Anything your mind effects, can be positively influenced with hypnosis


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Please note: Dr. Sewell is one of the few physicians in Sarasota to utilize clinical hypnotherapy, and as such, his schedule fills up quickly. It is advised that you secure your follow up sessions in advance.






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